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June 10, 2016 - World Premiere

Laser deposition welding combined with ULTRASONIC grinding

We are glad to present you some kind of technical sensation during the Technology Days from 29th of June till 1st of July 2016 at the ULTRASONIC Technology Center of the SAUER GmbH in Stipshausen. As an absolute World Premiere we will demonstrate the complete manufacturing of a drill bit made from steel, inconel as well as tungsten carbide on the LASERTEC 65 3D, with integrated ULTRASONIC technology as 1 of in total 8 LIVE machining demos. So for the first time the LASERTEC 65 3D will combine 3 different kind of manufacturing technologies, to be specific laser deposition welding and conventional milling as well as ULTRASONIC grinding, in only one machine tool. As innovative as this kind of technology integration on basis of a 5-axis-milling machine already is, as unique the generation of a 3D part made from 3 different metallic materials also is.

LASERTEC 65 3D with integrated
ULTRASONIC technology

Manufacturing of a complete drill bit made from steel,
inconel and tungsten carbide 

Starting basis of the described application is the laser built-up process of the carrier / body in steel, which will be milled afterwards in order to reach a proper surface in finishing quality. These two operation steps are followed by the generation of the three lateral blades in inconel by putting the powder nozzle into effect. At last all three blades get coated via laser in order to achieve the best possible wear resistance at the final part.

Via automatic tool changer now a ULTRASONIC grinding tool gets implemented into the standard spindle. So both technology integrations (ULTRASONIC and LASERTEC) can be flexibly integrated via standardised HSK-interface. The final ULTRASONIC-assisted grinding of the pockets / insert seats for the PCD tools through the tungsten carbide coating into the inconel is possible with doubled productivity increase, due to the fact that no electrodes have to be produced and due to ULTRASONIC the process forcess can be reduced up to 40%.  All operation steps can be processed in only one clamping set-up on only 1 machine tool.

Laser deposition welding of a drill bit made of 
steel and inconel, coated with tungsten carbide

ULTRASONIC grinding of the seats for 
the implementation of PCD inserts

The fully automatic and flexible interchange between laser, conventional and ULTRASONIC machining allows a complete machining of the drill bit in finishing quality. 

LASERTEC 65 3D Video

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