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June 19, 2013 - Generate, store and use your own renewable energy

Among other things, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions will be exhibiting a CellCube FB 30-130 storage unit, a CellCube FB 30-130 and a SunCarrier 22 under the motto "Generate. Store. Utilise." From 19 to 21 June 2013 in Hall B5, Booth 250.

At Intersolar Europe in Munich, the world's largest trade fair for the solar industry, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions will be presenting innovative solutions for renewable energy generation, intelligent storage technology and energy efficiency solutions which are tailored specifically for industry on an exhibition area of more than 300 m². 


One highlight of the live exhibits will be the SunCarrier 22, which provides up to 35% more output compared with fixed systems. With up to 4.3 kWp per wing and low installation height, the SunCarrier 22 is a worthwhile investment for any photovoltaic application – as a small system with up to 11 wings controlled by a motor or as an effective tracking system in large wind farms. Flexible fixing options and an alternative design are possible.


The CellCube energy storage system provides emission-free energy based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology. Tested and proven in practice over many years, the CellCube provides an uninterrupted supply of electricity via solar and wind power plants - even in the dark and when there is no wind.

Visitors to Intersolar can see a live demonstration of a CellCube FB 30-130 with a power of 30 kW and a capacity of 130 kWh. The CellCube is a stable electricity storage device with scalable system power for every situation.

Another exhibit will be the impressive power stage of the CellCube FB 200-400, which with 200 kW and 400 kWh provides tremendous energy reserves for widely differing applications and is therefore the perfect solution for industrial use.

The CellCube FB 200-400 comprises a power stage and an energy stage. The power stage comprises the stacks, the flow battery controller, the DC/DC converter and the inverter, while the energy stage includes the two tanks for negatively and positively charged electrolyte and the pump system for the liquid circulation.

Examples of possible applications of the innovative energy storage device include grid support for stabilising low-voltage and medium-voltage networks, for example, as an energy reserve, or for smoothing peaks and compensating for load and generation peaks. However, the CellCube FB 200-400 can also be used as a backup solution when used as an in-line UPS with frequency and amplitude decoupling without detriment to the system. It can also be used as a buffer in wind and solar farms for smoothing the energy output and for compensating for fluctuations, or to provide contractual safeguards by way of energy reserves in times of reduced power.

Solar park service

The exhibition will be rounded off by comprehensive information on the subject of solar park service and energy efficiency. Along with the planning and construction of solar parks, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions also offers its customers an individually tailored service and maintenance package which ensures smooth operation of the plant. The range of services here extends from monitoring to technical and commercial operational management. GILDEMEISTER energy solutions' photovoltaic experts compile the offer in such a way that the customer achieves the maximum output from his solar park. In this regard, the customer not only benefits from the great expertise of the solar provider, but also from the maximum availability of the trained service staff.

Energy efficiency

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions also offers extensive services relating to energy efficiency. These are provided by the company GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency GmbH, which was founded specifically for this purpose. This new company develops concepts and solutions for increasing energy efficiency for industrial organisations and, if required, installs the energy systems and storage devices - all from a single source. In contrast to classic energy consultation, the advantage for the customer is that he not only receives an efficiency analysis, but also reaps the benefit of expert advice with regard to the feasibility of installing solar systems locally and the intelligent use of storage.

CellCube FB 200-400: The CellCube ranks as a milestone in the history of renewable energy management.


SunCarrier 22: More energy on less space.


GILDEMEISTER energy solutions

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions comprises the five business units Energy Efficiency, SunCarrier, Cellstrom, Service and Components and offers turnkey solutions for the generation, storage and application of renewable energies for industrial organisations. Together, the innovative solar and wind power systems (SunCarrier / WindCarrier) and the CellCube energy storage units provide a holistic energy concept for the future. As an example, the products can be used for high-speed charging in electric filling stations for efficient electric mobility. The energy solutions business unit is one of GILDEMEISTER's "industrial services". Customers therefore benefit from more than 140 years of know-how in machine tool production and a high degree of reliability and security of investment.



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