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Innovation Days 2012 celebrate record number of visitors

MORI SEIKI welcomes over 10,000 trade visitors at the Iga Campus for the company’s largest in-house exhibition

The MORI SEIKI Innovation Days 2012 held at its Japanese headquarters in Iga proved a huge success as it closed its doors at the end of June. A total of 10,000 visitors were welcomed at the Iga Campus during the three-day event. A new record. The around 1,000 pupils and students from all over Japan that had been invited especially to the event by MORI SEIKI added significantly to the lively atmosphere at the Innovation Days 2012.

High-tech in all sectors

MORI SEIKI presented 37 high-tech machine tools at the exhibition, including 12 innovations and the very latest machining concepts from such fields of application as the automobile branch, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, tool and mould construction and the energy branch. A special focus of the exhibition was on 5-axis machining and multi-axis technologies in the turning-milling sector. A total of 15 machines, including seven from its cooperation partner GILDEMEISTER, demonstrated the future-orientated possibilities of technology and process integration.


Three different applications were used as examples to showcase the first joint development of MORI SEIKI and GILDEMEISTER for visitors to the “Innovation Days”, the new highly productive MILLTAP 700 compact machining centre. MORI SEIKI demonstrated not only the high-speed milling of aluminium and heavy-duty machining of steel, but also 4-axis machining using a rotary table.

The efficiency of the machine is up to 60 percent higher than that of conventional models thanks to its high-performance 25-kW spindle. The fast and highly accurate rotary table is so compact that the work area of the MILLTAP 700 can be used optimally even during 4-axis machining. This means that the MILLTAP 700 has a machining range that encompasses even complex workpieces and turbine components.

Multi-axis technology with the NTX2500/1500SZ

Another special focus of the exhibition was 5-axis machining and multi-axis technologies in the turning/milling field. A total of 15 machines, including seven from its cooperation partner GILDEMEISTER, demonstrated the future-orientated possibilities of technology and process integration.

The NTX2500/1500SZ was used to demonstrate progressive chip-removal processes, which significantly increase the potential of multi-axis machines. The process times for the manufacture of gears, for example, can be reduced by up to 80% thanks to complete machining. Another example is turning using the so-called “spinning tool”, with which the extremely fast and highly efficient chip removal increases productivity by an outstanding factor of five.

5-axis milling on the DMU 80 eVo linear

The fast DMU 80 eVo linear 5-axis machining center equipped with linear drives demonstrated the machining of various different workpieces during the Innovation Days. With its unique swivel rotary table and rapid traverses of up to 80 m/min the DMU 80 eVo linear offers not only fast, high-precision 5-axis machining, but the possibility of the heavy machining of steel thanks to its powerful spindle with 15 kW and 130 Nm torque.

Top class vertical machining centres

MORI SEIKI presented three models with different table sizes from the NVX series of vertical machining centres during the “Innovation Days”, with specially chosen chip-removal operations highlighting the key features of each model. In an example from the tool and mould making sector, it was possible to improve the surface roughness by a factor of 2 thanks to the NMV5000 II/40. At the same time, machining time was reduced by 60% compared with its predecessor. As well as this imposing exhibit, the NVX5080 II/40 and NVX5100 II/50 were also presented. Both successful models are equipped with rotary tables from the DDRT series. The NVX5080 II/40, for example, relies on the 5AX-DDRT200 rotary table which enables 5-axis machining to be carried out with ideal tool length and optimum chip-removal conditions. This allows the realisation of extremely reduced machining times, particularly in the case of hard machining.

The universal turning centres in the NL and NLX series are among the most successful models in this sector – and on a worldwide scale. So it was not surprising that this machine series was represented befittingly during the Innovation Days. The NLX4000MC/750, with its extremely stable turning processes, was taken as an example to demonstrate just how impressive this series is. This feature is made possible by the highly rigid construction as well as the high-torque spindle (max. 100 Nm). As a result, processing can be carried out into the heavy machining range, which is otherwise the domain of machining centres.

ECOLINE – an extra plus for the entry-level

The entry-level machines in the ECOLINE series in particular caused a sensation in the lower price range – offering maximum machining performance at an extremely attractive price. A completely revised design and expanded functional scope were the contributing factors here. A better view of the work area and improved working ergonomics were at the forefront of the new design. Faster traverse speeds and a greater choice of spindles are likewise unbeatable arguments in favour of the new ECOLINE series.

Advanced technologies

The ultrasonic machines and high-tech laser machines showcased at the event were a clear indication that, where their machine portfolio is concerned, both MORI SEIKI and its German cooperation partner are putting their faith in new machining processes. The integral combination of 5-axis HSC milling and ultrasonic machining offered by the ULTRASONIC 55 linear, for example, enables fast and efficient processing, especially of hard-brittle materials. In addition the synergy of linear drives, high-speed spindles and 5-axis technology opens up the world of highly complex workpiece geometries.

The Iga Campus impresses with its new large-scale machining plant

The great advantage for manufacturers in hosting an open house event is that they have the opportunity of demonstrating their own production and machining performance to their customers as well as their high-tech machines. In this respect the Iga Campus ranks undisputedly among the world’s most efficient manufacturing plants for machine tools. MORI SEIKI traditionally produces medium to large CNC machines here as well as key components such as spindles, ball screws and machine housings.

Since 2012 the Campus has boasted a new large-scale machining plant in which machine beds and travelling columns for MORI SEIKI machines are manufactured with top efficiency and maximum quality and precision. This is made possible thanks to the realisation of the new plant in accordance with the latest standards. Temperature fluctuations of maximum 0.5 °C and a central tool and equipment management sytem for reduced setup times are just two examples of this very high standard.

June 2012 

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