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January 15, 2013 -With DMG MORI en route to the world championships

DMG MORI and the DMG MORI Academy support WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 as an official partner

More than 1,000 up-and-coming young specialists from 61 countries and regions will be in Leipzig from 2nd to 7th July 2013 to choose the world champions in their apprenticed trades in 45 disciplines. Judging by the impressive numbers, the coming professional world championships will be the largest international training event of all time. As official sponsor DMG MORI will be providing a total of 32 turning and milling machines for the competition. In addition, an apprentice of GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH in the form of Tobias Brockfeld, reigning German champion in CNC turning, will be competing for the title of World Champion in his discipline. DMG MORI will also be rounding off the event with attractive offers of machines at special WorldSkills conditions.

DMG MORI Academy has been providing practically oriented and educationally innovative training services in the field of CNC machining since it was founded in 1987. For several years, this work has also included the promotion of new recruits, which has already been demonstrated many times by the joint involvement with WorldSkills Germany. The most recent instance was during AMB 2012 in Stuttgart, where the German champion in CNC turning was decided in a three-day contest. Jan Möllenhoff, Managing Director of DMG MORI Academy, is already looking forward excitedly to the coming professional world championships: "WorldSkills 2013 in Leipzig will without question be the highlight of our collaboration up to now. With Tobias Brockfeld we are preparing a candidate for the competition who has completed his training within the company group."

The 21-year-old prospective cutting-machine operator prevailed against 17 participants at the German championships, and at the same time the victory qualified him for WorldSkills Leipzig 2013. As in the preparation for the German championships, Tobias Brockfeld will also benefit in Leipzig from the high quality of training at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH and the educational expertise of DMG MORI Academy. The objective is now to win the world title: "The comprehensive training will enable me to perform to the best of my ability and give me the chance to the title." The motivation to return home as World Champion is also particularly high in his own country.
Innovative machine technology for the contest

DMG MORI Academy is a leader in the metal-cutting field. In particular, this includes the use of a total of 32 CNC machine tools which DMG MORI will be installing as part of a sponsoring contract. In Tobias Brockfeld's discipline, CNC turning, use will be made of 13 CTX alpha 300 V4s; an equal number of Type DMC 635 V milling centers will be used in CNC milling. Six DMG Microset UNO 115 ecoline tool presetting units will also be available to participants in this discipline. Three further DMC 635 Vs will be provided for the Manufacturing Team Challenge, and three MILLTAP 700 compact machining centers will be used for the plastic mould development discipline. All machines will be equipped with SIEMENS controllers. Vocational training and teaching workshops will be able to purchase the competition machines at special, advantageous conditions, and have them delivered as soon as the world championships have finished.

As part of the sponsoring activities in advance of WorldSkills Leipzig 2013, DMG MORI has a special offer for the 24 participating countries in the four disciplines on all aspects of CNC machining. "With our WorldSkills package consisting of a turning or milling machine, the appropriate software and practically oriented training at DMG MORI Academy, we are able to offer our customers an attractive machine and service solution with outstanding price/performance ratio", says Jan Möllenhoff with regard to the offer for the 24 participating countries.

The motivation of DMG MORI Academy is very high as part of such a training event. "We are not only addressing the experienced cutting-machine operator with our range of training courses. The promotion of new recruits is particularly important in the light of today's shortage of skilled personnel", explains Jörg Harings, General Training Manager at DMG MORI Academy. Championships in the relevant trades would make the subject even more attractive for new recruits to the profession. Collaboration with WorldSkills Germany was and is therefore only a logical progression for DMG MORI Academy, as Jörg Harings confirms: "In this way, we remain in close contact with the new recruits."

With their commitment to WorldSkills 2013 in Leipzig, DMG / MORI SEIKI, GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH and DMG MORI Academy are setting a clear example. The promotion of new recruits with the help of such events is in the interest of all those concerned. It serves to motivate young people, increases the expertise of the up-and-coming generation, and provides a decisive training incentive in the participants' companies. "Ultimately, the industry also benefits", says Jan Möllenhoff. "For example, the German Champion from 2008 in the form of Daniel Zelmer is working at DMG MORI Academy and is passing on his expertise directly to the customers. These days, every company depends on competent and, above all, committed specialists."

The 6 finalists make last-minute preparations for the contest before the start of the three-day concluding round of the 2012 German CNC turning championships at AMB in Stuttgart. Each of them was hoping to take home a ticket to the World Championships.

Tobias Brockfeld, apprentice at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH - repeatedly calculating, measuring and if necessary readjusting under time pressure is of elementary importance for the manufacture of dimensionally accurate workpieces.

Tobias Brockfeld concentrates closely on running-in and producing workpieces for the contest. "The smallest error here is immediately punished."

Victory for GILDEMEISTER apprentice: Tobias Brockfeld (right), apprentice at GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, is German CNC turning champion 2012. Johannes Rudolf (left; apprentice at CHIRON-Werken Tuttlingen) was the victor in CNC milling.

Following the announcement of Leipzig as the venue for WorldSkills 2013, the German team is already extending a warm welcome to competitors and fans under the slogan "A time to make friends", familiar from the 2006 soccer World Cup.

The enthusiastic German team during the opening celebrations at the last professional world championships in London 2011; anticipation of the event in their own country will far exceed these emotions.

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