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March 24, 2014 - XXL hall, Pfronten

The most up-to-date large machine assembly facility in the world

With a new high-tech assembly hall, DECKEL MAHO Pfronten has now paved the way in good time for additional growth – at the highest level. Following the success of the DMU 340 P and DMU 600 P XXL machines, the plant was heading for a capacity bottleneck, particularly once the DMU 270 P had been launched and the expected orders had materialised.

By June 2014, the world’s most up-to-date large machine assembly facility, with a total floor area of 1,071 m², a building height of 16 m and a crane capacity up to 100 t, will be linked directly to the plant. A total of up to 4 large machines can be assembled here at the same time. The foundations, with dimensions of 28 × 9 × 1.65 m, are even designed to enable two of the giant DMU 600 P machines to be built in their entirety.

The fully glazed building facades on the north and east sides together with a glazed link to an adjacent building in the style of a glass factory provide a visual highlight. The adjacent building is two stories high and provides space for production, offices and a large conference room.

From June 2014, it will be possible to assemble up to 12 large machines per year here with a throughput time of 16 weeks, which doubles the previous capacity. A sophisticated air- conditioning system will ensure optimum ambient conditions by keeping the temperature in the building constant to ±1 °C. The main features of the air-conditioning system are:

• Groundwater cooling (by heat exchanger)
• Gas heating (by heat exchanger)
• Introduction of cold/hot air by means of ventilation channels and motorised fans:
               – Pipes in the floor (concrete core activation)
               – Ventilation channel system under the roof
               – Ventilation control centres on the roof

The new building will be supplemented by two pre-assembly stations on a floor area of approx. 120 m² in the adjacent building, where the gantries will be prepared for subsequent final assembly. There will also be a material and logistics area here, from where components which are delivered “just-in-time” will be smoothly channelled into the assembly process.


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