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  • Our objective: Vendée Globe 2020, a non-stop, solo, round-the-world race
  • Our boat: IMOCA 60 named “DMG MORI Global One”
  • Our spirit : Unite DMG MORI employees, customers, partner and associated companies, the team members and fans around the world together under “Global One” to support the team

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DMG MORI Sailing Team
DMG MORI Sailing Team
DMG MORI Sailing Team

DMG MORI CO., LTD. launched DMG MORI SAILING TEAM on October 30th, 2018 and welcomed Japanese skipper Kojiro Shiraishi as a team member. The team will participate in the Vendée Globe 2020, a non-stop, solo, round-the-world yacht race without assistance. 

The construction of the team`s boat type IMOCA 60 started last November at Multiplast in Vannes, France, and took about nine months to finish. Some parts of the yacht are machined by DMG MORI’s latest 5-axis and mill-turn machines. DMG MORI, the provider of cutting-edge machine tools and total solutions, contributes to the development of the world’s manufacturing industry with the activities of DMG MORI SAILING TEAM. 

The yacht is named “DMG MORI Global One”. It represents our “Global One” spirit, under which DMG MORI employees, customers, partner and associated companies, the team members and fans around the world are united together to support the team. Masaki Takayama, Managing Director of Etre Design Co., Ltd. and the designer of Shiraishi’s racing boats since 2002, created the new yacht's design.

"DMG MORI Global One" left the boatyard for the first time in France on August 31st

Kojiro Shiraishi - The Skipper

DMG MORI Sailing Team with Skipper Kojiro Shiraishi will compete against the world’s top sailors in the Vendée Globe 2020.​​​​

Kojiro Shiraishi

  • Born 1967 in Kamakura, Japan
  • 1st Asian who participated in the​​​​​​​ Vendée Globe in 2016
  • In 1994, age of 26, youngest sailor to complete a solo round the world voyage
  • Joined numerous races all over the world
Event Calendar
May 2020: The Transat CIC
June 2020: Transat New York - Vendée
November 2020: Vendée Globe

May 2020: The Transat CIC

The Transat CIC – single-handed ocean racing at its best. Up to 3,400 miles of open water from Europe to the USA. It is a challenge dominated by the progression of low pressure systems sweeping across the north Atlantic that produce the headwinds that define this classic race.

To start with the fastest time was in the order of 40 days. Now the world’s top solo sailors in the world’s fastest boats can make the same passage in as little as 8 days. In 2020 the race will celebrate its 60th anniversary. On the 10th May 2020 at 15:00, The Transat CIC will take a new direction with the port city of Brest in northern Brittany confirmed as the start venue.


June 2020: Transat New York - Vendée

The last meeting for the skippers before they set sail on the Vendée Globe, the Transat New York - Vendée (Les Sables d'Olonne) was created in 2016 by Open Sports Management and the IMOCA class, always with the primary aim of the internationalisation of the class.

The 3,100-mile course (5,741 km), takes the singlehanded sailors from Manhattan on a final transatlantic event that serves as an additional qualifying race for the ultimate IMOCA challenge. It’s the perfect opportunity for the participants to size up the competition just weeks before they get together in Les Sables d'Olonne once again for the start of the Vendée Globe.

In 2016, the Transat New York - Vendée was won by Jérémie Beyou (Maître CoQ), who set the initial reference time for the course of 9 days, 16 hours, 57 minutes and 49 seconds.

New-York Vendée 2020

June 2020: Transat New York - Vendée

November 2020: Vendée Globe

The Vendée Globe is reknown as the world’s severest yacht race and is held every four years since 1989. The event is as popular as the “French Open” tennis tournament or “Tour de France” in the host country of France, as well as in other parts of Europe. Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi was the first Asian to take part in the race in 2016, but unfortunately failed to finish the course due to a broken mast. The 9th Vendée Globe will start on November 8th  2020 and will be his second attempt to complete the 80-day journey on his own, as a member of the DMG MORI SAILING TEAM.

  • 40.075 kilometers, 21.638 miles: that is the circumference of the Earth and the distance of reference around the world
  • Recordholder: : Armel Le Cléac’h, Banque Populaire VIII, 74d 03h 35m 46s

To date, the Vendée Globe is the only sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. The event followed in the wake of the Golden Globe which had initiated the first circumnavigation of this type via the three capes (Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn) in 1968. Only one out of the nine pioneers who had set off in 1968 succeeded in returning to Falmouth, the major port of British Cornwall. On 6th April 1969, after 313 days at sea, British sailor Robin Knox-Johnston finally reached his goal. Twenty years later, after having won the BOC Challenge twice (solo round the world with stopovers), navigator Philippe Jeantot introduced the idea of a new race around the world, but…non-stop! The Vendée Globe race was born. On 26th November 1989, thirteen sailors took the start of the first edition which lasted over three months. Only seven returned to Les Sables d'Olonne.

The eight editions of what is now called the Everest of the seas by the public have enabled 167 contenders to take the start of this extraordinary race. Only 89 of them managed to cross the finish line. This figure alone shows the extreme difficulty of this global event in which solo racers are confronted to freezing cold, gigantic waves and heavy skies which sweep the Great South! The Vendée Globe is first and foremost a journey beyond the seas and deep down oneself… It has rewarded great sailors: TitouanLamazou in 1990, Alain Gautier in 1993, Christophe Auguin in 1997, Vincent Riou in 2005, François Gabart in 2013 and Armel LeCléac'h in 2017. The skipper from Finistère became the new record holder of the race in 74 days. Only one sailor has won it twice: Michel Desjoyeaux, in 2001 and 2009. The 9th Vendée Globe will leave Les Sables d'Olonne on Sunday 8th November 2020.

Vendee Globe Teaser 2020

Vendee Globe Teaser 2020
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DMG MORI Sailing Team on Social Media


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