The new benchmark for remote services in the machine tool industry. 

The NETSERVICE 4.0 has been specially developed to meet the high demands of machine tool customers - particularly when it comes to the maximum data security provided by NETSERVICE 4.0 and TÜViT certified by TÜV Nord. Another plus is the multichat function, where operators, service experts and other personnel can respond within the direct communication network and find common solutions to service issues. Available as an option, the serviceCAM is also an added benefit, as it’s already preconfigured and works perfectly with NETSERVICE 4.0 in Plug & Play mode.


Remote-service with camera support and multi-user conference

    Operators, service experts, service technicians and other staff can respond within the communication network
  2. serviceCAM
    Sends real-time images allowing targeted support during operation and maintenance of your machine
    The whiteboard acts as a digital sketch pad for conference members. They can share and edit photos, screen shots and circuit diagrams with each other (e.g. highlight, circle or underline)
    In Chat, any text messages are immediately sent to all conference members via instant messaging
CELOS serviceCAM
  • Direct livestream to hotline via NETSERVICE 4.0
  • Plug & Play function thanks to preconfiguration with NETbox
  • Quick and secure 5G WiFi transmission
  • Splashproof housing
  • Integrated magnet for mounting camera
  • Integrated light and laser pointer

Camera-assisted service support
Online training
Process optimisation via images and sound
  • Potential problems can be solved and identified more quickly via visual support
  • Any further action, such as ordering spare parts, can be identified and taken straight away
  • Due to the large range of applications and the flexibility of the serviceCAM around the machine, the solution quota increases by a multiple.

    Example: Input and output signals can be detected immediately by looking into the control cabinet
  • Troubleshooting options and training on peripherals such as e.g. automation solutions

  • Online introduction for independent maintenance of your machine

  • Just taking a look at a workpiece’s surface using the camera often helps our experts to solve your problem over the phone

  • Livestream of CNC-control in combination with the serviceCAM guarantees targeted support with CNC programming


  • Complete NETSERVICE 4.0 package and DMG MORI Messenger preinstalled
  • Quick and easy installation in the control cabinet via LAN cable
  • Specially preconfigured for your machine prior to delivery via the machine’s serial number
  • Connects DMG MORI machines from previous generations and third-party machines to CELOS
  • Standard interfaces allow data exchange between CELOS NETbox and CELOS APPs
  • Integrated firewall with automatic updates guarantees maximum protection for your machine
TÜViT certified

Secure connectivity  - TÜViT certified

NETSERVICE 4.0 has been specially developed for the high demands of machine tool customers -  particularly when it comes to the maximum security provided by NETSERVICE 4.0 and TÜViT certified by TÜV Nord.

This ensures completely secure access to the CNC control system, so that e.g. during the remote session, programmes can be automatically checked or optimised in the dialogue. Unlike a point-to-point connection, the new NETSERVICE 4.0 allows several parties to connect up using a conference function via its connectivity services.


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